New collection available! Beyond the Garden

New Collection! All the stories have been published before. However, if you haven’t read them, at $5.99, it’s a bargain, considering that Walking Gods, just by itself, is $3.99 (it’s 12,000 words long.)

The blurb:

While there are many gardens, as well as green growing things in the stories in this collection, the most important tales take place beyond the garden, outside the fence, when you stray from the path and walk under the trees, into the wilderness and beyond.

Tales included: “Gulkhanam,” “The Other Story,” “The Doom of Alokai Temple,” “One Fall Day,” and “Walking Gods.”

It’s available at the usual places:

Available at Amazon (Kindle)

Available at Barnes & Noble (Nook)

Available at Smashwords

Available at Kobo

It will be available as a paperback sooner rather than later.

In other news, I finished, “Of Heaven and Hell,” the latest story in the “Shredded Veil” series, but this one is told from Toni’s point of view. I still need to figure out which story I’m going to publish next week. And I’m going to create another collection or two, but I haven’t figured out the stories or titles or anything yet.

I hope that for those of you that celebrate, it’s been a wonderful, stressfree holiday. Me, I’ve had a great time.

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