Free Fiction! Dragon’s Son

New Fiction! Never before published!

Even in the future, some things remain the same: family, dreams, and the law.

Long Yen works hard to be a good dragon’s son, doing everything his family asks him to do, even if it involves being a money launderer or stealing a miner’s ID.

Now, he’s been arrested, and this strange, foreign lawyer is asking him to turn against his family for his freedom.

For the next week, this story is available for free on my web site.

It’s also available at all the usual places.

Available on Amazon (Kindle)

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I wrote this story for the short story workshop that I took this spring. I sent it to four different markets, where it garnered nice rejections, so am now publishing it here. I don’t write a lot of science fiction, though I do like it.

This afternoon I got the first proof for “The Raven and the Dancing Tiger. So pretty! I’m hoping that I’ll just be able to approve the next proof.

Tonight I start writing the new story, spending time and relishing the writing. I also realized that I didn’t really like all the short stories I wrote last year during the Baker’s Dozen challenge. I only liked about half of them when I finished writing them.

However, the writer knows nothing about the work they produce, and it isn’t up to me to say which one is the best. That made me feel better about the stories I’m writing this time, as I don’t seem to be liking many of them either.

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