Back on track

Giving myself permission to move back to the world of “The Raven and the Dancing Tiger” has certainly proven to be the right thing to do. I easily wrote 1000+ words last night — I’m not sure how many. Generally, six page = ~1000 words, which I did, plus filled the margins with notes. So it will probably end up being more than that.

Tonight, I sat down and cranked out eight hand written pages, again, with lots of notes in the margins. There’s so much more of this world and these characters and clans that I want to explore. They all have recitations, but they have different ones. Not every clan is close to their other soul.

For the raven clan, the worst insult they can hurl at one another is “half-breed” — neither human or raven, half here, half there, never truly whole.

For the tiger clan, the worst thing you can be accused of is being wild — not human, not tiger, not warrior, merely a beast that is beyond reason.

That was just one of those things that came flying out of my fingers while I was writing, one of those true things that you don’t know until you write it, and then you realize it’s one of those founding basics, on which the entire world has already been built–you just hadn’t articulated it until then.

I am having more fun than I can say while writing this.

The other good news: I had been threatening to write another story set in the Shredded Veil Mysteries world, this time told from the POV of Toni. I came up with the idea and the title this afternoon: “Of Heaven and Hell.” It’s another of those longish stories, and since I’m on vacation next week, and my muse seems to be interested in it, I may write that story next.

Then I may come back to this world and write another backstory for the next novel.

I’ll give you a hint: The tigers weren’t the first clan to be tainted by the shadows.

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