TRATDT Finished!

I sent my latest novel, “The Raven and the Dancing Tiger” off to the copy editor yesterday.

After my first readers went through it, I ended up adding 2000+ words to it, bringing the grand total to about 66,000. I’m pleased with this novel. While doing the final read through, I came upon scenes that surprised me, in a good way, powerful scenes. I like the completeness of the secondary and tertiary characters as well.

So now, onto the next thing!

I’m planning on writing a short story a week, every week, from now until the end of the year. That should give me 10 new short stories.

This year, though, part of my practice is going to be writing SHORT. And by that, I mean focusing on stories that are 3-5000 words long.

The stories that I like, that have an obvious genre, I’ll send out to magazines first. If they get rejected after a few rounds, I’ll indie-pub them, put them up for free on my web site, etc.

The stories that aren’t an obvious fit for anywhere, or that end up being too long anyway, I’ll just immediately indie-publish. For example, “The Secrets of 9s” from last year — that’s a literary fantasy piece, experimental. Though it’s my absolute favorite story, I would never send it anywhere because no one would ever buy it. So I’d immediately indie-pub something like that. Or if I manage to write some more erotica, I’ll just indie-pub that as well.

I’m hoping to do a post on covers soon. I’ve replaced most of my existing covers, as well as chosen the right categories for my fiction. I was SO WRONG when I first started choosing categories. I’m surprised anyone found my short stories. All the categories should be right now, across the sites, with new covers and for many of them, new blurbs as well.

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