“Old Friends” now available!

Old Friends Now Available!

New fiction! Never before published!

Wei Fu not only loves the law, he respects it, which is more than those lazy students of his do. When one of his students shows an interest, Wei Fu befriends him, answers his questions.

Too many of his questions.

Until Wei Fu finds himself contemplating breaking the law himself, unless an old, true friend steps in to help.

This short story is set in Tang dynasty China.

This is one of the short stories I wrote for the short story workshop I took earlier this year. I believe the category for this story is “historic fiction.” There’s a hint of mystery, but I don’t think it really qualifies as a mystery. It’s more literary, and I think the cover reflects that.

I have a set of short stories set in ancient China. I just have to write one more and I think I’ll have enough for a collection.

This story is available at all the usual outlets.


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