2012 challenge updates

I started my challenge last week, to write a short story a week. So far, I’m two for two — I just finished writing a second short story today.

I plan on sending the first one off to a couple of markets, to see if it can find a home. If it can, great. If not, I’ll indie-pub it here. (Title: (in)substantial shadows)

The second one is erotica, and I plan on indie-pubbing it once I clean it up. (Title: The Festival of Sands)

If I was being strict with myself, I would try to push myself to pub it today. However, yesterday was a bust in terms of writing: I woke up with a migraine that would subside, then reappear, all day long. Very frustrating, and I only got about 1000 words written, instead of finishing the story as planned.

Therefore, I ended up writing almost the entire story today, and right now, I think it’s crap. It probably isn’t crap, and if there are crappy parts I know I can fix them, but I need a break from the story before I can see it clearly.

Tomorrow I’ll look over the story and fix what’s broken, then print it and read it out loud to fix any remaining issues, then I’ll put it up.

In other news, one of the short stories I’d sent out has come back home, so I plan on pubbing that one this week as well (Old Friends.)

I have also received the edits back on TRATDT, and I plan on working on that most of the week, hopefully finishing that by Thursday, so I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to write the next story. Which also hopefully means that the next novel will be available early next week. (YAY!!!)

I guess that’s all the news for now. The trees in my backyard are still amazing. I should take more pictures.

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