I figured I wrote about 2500 words tonight, which, yay!

This makes the current story over 10,000 words long. Uhm, yay?

I still have at least one scene left to write. No, probably two. Hopefully they’ll both be shortish. So maybe I’ll finish this in less than 12,000 words.

My goal for the next set of short stories is to make them all SHORT. Seriously. My goal is to write a bunch of 3000 word short stories. It’s practice. And they’ll possibly be salable. I can do it. I can write to market. I just generally don’t.

I’ll finish this short story this weekend, then flip over to the novel (TRATDT) to get it ready for the editor by mid-October.

I am pleased that I’ve written this much tonight. I have a bunch of things to do this weekend, but I will also find time to write.

I should also do some work for the day job. It already takes up so much of my brain, though. sigh But I do love the new position so much. There’s just so much to do for it. I’ll write a separate post on it at some point.

Now, it’s back to the pirate music and possibly more words.

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