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Finally finished the “make it not broke” draft of “The Raven and the Dancing Tiger.” I sent it off to my first readers tonight. It turned out to be 63,925 words. I’m pleased with how it went. Hopefully, my first readers will be pleased with it as well.

One of the things that happened with this novel is that at one point, when I wrote two sentences (I swear, that was all it was) suddenly a SECOND novel sprang forth from my lovely brain, spinning off from this particular side character (“The Guardian Hounds.”) I am NOT planning on writing this novel any time in the near future. For those counting, that makes novel #4 waiting in the wings, wanting to be written. (Maybe 5 or 6, actually.)

I swear, gotta beat those ideas off with a stick sometimes.

For the next week or so, I plan on reading. I have so many books on my to be read pile. Then I’ll dive back into writing. I have the one short story (“The Piano Time Rag”) that I need to finish, plus the last story in the Hell ‘verse (“Postcards From Hell”.) After that, it’ll be whatever takes my fancy.

I will be doing something very similar to what I did last year, that is, writing a short story a week. However, I’m making a few changes:

–When I finish a story, I will first send it out to markets. If it doesn’t publish after a few, I’ll self-pub.
–I don’t have to finish a story during the weeks I’m traveling for work. I made myself do that last time. While I got a really good story that week, “Were-Teen,” it was also a lot of pressure and wasn’t fun. I don’t need to do that to myself again.
–I don’t have to finish a story if I get sick. Again, I did that last year and it wasn’t any fun. It was a good story though, “The Doom of Alokai Temple.” I also wrote 6000+ words in one day.

The reason I’m taking the pressure off myself, as it were, is because I’m also transitioning to my new position next Monday, and I figure the new job is going to be enough pressure, at least at the start.

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  1. Jamie Ferguson

    Congratulations on BOTH novels!!! And good luck with the new job!

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