New Story! The Oracle of Seattle

NEW FICTION! Never before published!

Jacob practices polismancy: he divines the future from the entrails of his beloved city, Seattle. What happens when the city still willingly bleeds for him, but the voice of God grows silent?

Contains the bonus story, “The Doom of Alokai Temple.”

This was the story I wrote for the “Dark Faith” anthology. As far as I can tell, I made it to the last round of cuts. I’ve sent it to a bunch of other markets, got a lot of favorable rejections, but no one bought it. So I’m publishing it myself, as an “Ace double” — you remember those paperback books that had two short novels in them? As this story is quite short (about 3400 words) I paired it with a second story, also about someone who foresees the future. Together, they’re about 8000 words, so I can charge $2.99 for the pair of them. (I don’t feel right charging $2.99 for a 3k word story.)

This story is available in the usual places, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

In addition, I also published this by itself at Kobo.

Unfortunately, it took eight days for the book to make it through the Kobo publishing process. Not because of anything I’d done, but because some books get “stuck.” I know two other writers whose books were stuck this way, their books listed as being published for over a week. I realize it’s a glitch, in the email from Kobo’s customer support they admitted that this is happening to a “small percentage of authors.” Since I know two others, it makes me wonder how small that percentage actually is.

I will try Kobo by itself again for the next couple of projects. I’m hoping they go more smoothly. If they don’t, I may wait a few months before trying it again, let them get their act together.

In other news, I finished the next-to-the-last chapter for the novel, “The Raven and the Dancing Tiger.”

*does happy dance*

Tomorrow I plan to finish it off. Then, I’ll have a couple of days of “fixing what’s broken.” There aren’t that many broken things, just some character shading that needs to go in. Other than that, I’m really pleased with this novel.

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