Zydeco Queen available in print!

Woo AND hoo!

Zydeco Queen and the Creole Fairy Courts is now available as a paperback book! It’s so very, very pretty.

Right now it’s only available via CreateSpace, but in a week or so it’ll show up on Amazon, and I’ll be sure to link it to the ebook.

Tonight, eating at home, but then maybe going out and having tea or coffee or something while writing. Have to type up what I wrote last night, so tomorrow I can write more.

I was able to work outside all day in the backyard, on the deck. It was one of those days when my timer would tell me that it had been 55 minutes and it was time for a break, but I would swear it had only been five or ten minutes since my previous break. (This is why I have a timer, or I’d work for six hours without a break and be very, very sore.)

I don’t want to jinx it, but there’s a chance that summer’s finally arrived in Seattle.

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