Yes, this is an old novel. But it’s a novel that means a lot to me. I was trying so many writer-type things while I was writing this novel–I had to re-read it to do some updates, and I can really see the furniture moving. I don’t think it’s a bad novel, not at all. But it’s a difficult novel, not a happy story, and so has never been well loved by readers.

I *hated* the cover I did for it. I tried and tried and tried. Different covers, different colors, different fonts, different concepts — could never get the right one. Finally hired a professional.

Boy, am I glad I did!

Look at this:

Isn’t it beautiful? I think it captures the tone of the book, the Mayans, the Vikings, etc. I also think it’s so much better than the original cover. As soon as I get a good proof, I’ll finally have a trade paperback version of this book available as well.

It will take years, I’m sure, to make back what I spent on the cover. But I think it’s completely, utterly, 100% worth it. I think this book finally has the cover it deserves.

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