Down time

I got “peopled out” this week. Far too much social contact.

I am not shy. Because of this, people don’t believe me when I say I’m an introvert.

But honestly, being with a group of people, particularly in a noisy place, is incredibly draining. I need time off, alone, in the quiet, afterward.

I took that time tonight. Hung out with my cat, wrote, did some publishing stuff. Might get around to doing some reading, may just go to bed.

One of the great things about down time is that I figure out story stuff when I just let loose this way. Not everything–I’m still in that messy middle of the novel. But I got the next couple scenes written tonight, and I wrote the next scene on the short story as well.

47484 / 70000

I’ve got one more scene with this chapter, then it’s onto the next. Hopefully I’ll finish both this weekend. And maybe I can push through to the end of this short story as well. Plus finish tweaking another short story. . .So much to do, so much to write!

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    • Hey Joel —

      Thanks for the new email address!

      I don’t know if I’m coming back for Xmas this year or not. If I do, I will ping you.


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