Via at least half my FL:

“Go to page 77 (or 7) of your current ms. Go to line 7. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating.”

From The Raven and the Dancing Tiger:

“Ya’ll better get in line early for breakfast,” Jessie’s voice drawled over Petie’s shoulder. “I bet the food goes fast, tomorrow.”

Petie couldn’t help but jump.

“Hey, it’s just me,” Jessie said, gently placing his hand on Petie’s shoulder.

Petie looked up at Jessie. He suddenly wished Jessie were his brother, or some how related, so he could have a hug.

He settled for Jessie merely squeezing his shoulder.

Then Jessie jerked his head toward the door.

“Yard?” he asked.


Remember, Clockwork Kingdom will be free for one last day tomorrow, Saturday.

Decided to change the size on the paperback for Zydeco Queen, to try it at 5×8 instead of 6×9. We’ll see how it looks at the smaller size. Still, SO PRETTY.

I hope ya’ll are having as much fun as I am!

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