One Day Sale! Saturday, June 9th! Clockwork Kingdom!

Because that’s how I roll — this Saturday, June 9th, Clockwork Kingdom will be available for free at Amazon. For one day. The last day, actually, that it’ll be free.

Then I’ll remove it from the KDP program (the 90 days will be up on the 18th) and will put it up at Smashwords and B&N.

Did the KDP program help me? Yes, I think it did. Was it amazing and glorious and would I do it again? Hmmm. What I’d really like to do is to have a short story that I hadn’t already published, offer that via KDP with the first two chapters at the end of the story, then sell the novel. (Because I don’t believe in pulling a short from a place once it’s already published.) We’ll see if I can ever be that clever and do that much planning.

Currently, Zydeco Queen is selling better than Clockwork Kingdom. I figure it’s because of a few things:

1) I have Clockwork Kingdom marked as YA. I’ve heard that doesn’t sell as well, and that has been my experience.
2) Zydeco Queen has a much better blurb. I need to rewrite the blurb for Clockwork Kingdom.
3) I’m offering Golden Charms, a story set in the same world, for free.

There was that flawed study done recently that showed that half the indie publishers have only made about $500. I’ll make a bit more than that by the end of the year I think (I hope!) I’ve been at this since September/October of last year, 10 months. I’ve made about $300 to date. Honestly, I think that’s fantastic, considering how much “advertising” I do, how much of a “platform” I’ve built (read: 0 and none.)

It’s still one huge experiment for me.

I did get the first proof of Zydeco Queen today. PRETTY. Made changes to it, will be getting a second, possibly last, proof in a couple weeks, so the paperback will hopefully be available by July 1st.

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