Sent the final draft of Zydeco Queen off to the editor.

::dances around the room to “What You Gonna Do?”::

(Whatcha gonna do–when the zydeco–turn it up on you?)

I like this novel. Of course, my worry is that people other than me won’t like it. We’ll just have to see. Trust that some readers, somewhere, will like it.

And in the meanwhile, write the next book.

I haven’t written at all on The Raven and the Dancing Tiger this week. I’m hoping to get at least a chapter done tomorrow. It’s okay that I haven’t, that I’ve stayed focused on just the one project and let life happen the rest of the time. The first scene for the next chapter won’t be hard–I know exactly what it needs to be. Not sure about the rest of it, but I trust my brain to figure it out.

And now a sneak preview — I found this amazing piece of art that I’m using for the cover of Zydeco Queen — The main character is a fiddler, BTW:

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