My writing goal this week was 10,000 words. I was a little shy of 6,000. I’m actually really okay with that.

I realized that, before, the goal of 10,000 words meant 2 chapters, each about 5,000 words long. For this novel, the chapters are about 3,000 words long. So my goal shifted, to 9,000 words, and as I only finished two chapters, that means about 6,000 words.

I’m very pleased with my progress, as I was in SF for the day job for most of last week, and sick with a migraine on Friday, and dealing with personal stuff on Saturday.

19683 / 60000

This week, the goal is only 6,000 words, or two chapters. I will be pleased with a single chapter, however. Why? Because my first reader got back to me on Zydeco Queen. I have this week to go through the book before I turn it over to my editor. So one or two chapters is fine, as there’s a whole fricking book that I’m also going through one last time.

Then I should only have the one novel, and be full steam ahead on it, until June sometime, when I’ll have to put it down again for the short story class. If it really is about 70,000 words long, then I’m about 1/3 finished with it. That feels about right. Lots of stuff has piled up. Now it’s time to answer some of the questions.

Spent the day outside in my backyard. I wrote, made new chair seats, grilled up veggies and hamburger patties, then wrote more. (I’m actually writing this from outside.) I planted an herb garden this weekend, while last weekend I bought half a whisky barrel and planted a tomato plant, a strawberry plant, and a bunch of lettuce in it. I also planted kale. We’ll see what, if anything, comes up.

I hope ya’ll have had a wonderful weekend as well.

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