Sick. Redux.

Friday night, after I got home from San Francisco, my chest started feeling tight. Then I realized it was filling with congestion. By Saturday morning, it was game over. Have spent the weekend in a cold & flu-like haze. I’ve managed to do a few things, but none of the things I wanted to do, as those all involved either brain power or physical exertion.

I’m disappointed to say the least. I keep thinking I’m going to find something, a diet, an exercise plan, something, anything, that will keep me well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m better than I used to be. I get sick much less often. But it still feels far too often for me.

The only advantage to being sick as often as I have been is that I know how to treat it, what effectively reduces my symptoms and the amount of time I’m ill. Still. I’d like to use this knowledge less often, if possible.

My schedule for the novel is in jeopardy. I just keep hoping that I’ll soon get to the chapters that are in better shape, and will take less time. ::crosses fingers::

The good news? I had enough brain to do formatting. So I was able to fix the few things wrong in Paper Mage and order another proof, as well as Baker’s Dozen, and Caves of Buda.

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