That writing life

I finished the hand-written draft of the latest story in the Hell series, “High Stakes Hell.” A few observations:

–Even though it’s been a short while, only a month, I can really tell that my writing muscles aren’t as sharp or as tuned up as they were when I was writing a short story a week.

–This story, if the written-to-typed draft is correct, is only about 6000 words. This is *short* for one of these stories, set in this world. I’m wondering if Point A (above) is responsible for this, and if the story will actually grow significantly while I’m typing it up. (I suspect it grow some because I’ve already identified the areas that feel “light”.)

–I used one of my “write faster” techniques in order to finish this draft. Before every writing period, I sat down and spent 5-10 minutes plotting out exactly what would happen in the scene I was about to write. This worked so well I ended up writing 1 1/2 hours without a break tonight because I was so into the world and what I was doing. (Which, ouch. Should set an alarm for every 60 minutes so I will take a break.)

Regardless, I love this story and this world and where it ended. I knew what that last line was when I first came up with the idea for this story. The story itself went a little differently than I’d first imagined, but not too much.

There must be a fifth story set in this world. This story ends, but it’s somewhat unresolved. I don’t know what the next story is yet. I have faith that at the most inconvenient time the idea will come to me and demand to be written, because that’s how my muse rolls.

In the meanwhile, I’ll type up this story Saturday and Sunday. I’m currently planning on publishing it on Monday. I’ll make it free for a week, and then it’ll also be available on all the usual outlets by the end of the week.

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