Emotional heart

I’ve finished the rewrite of the first chapter of “Zydeco Queen.” It’s about 2000 words longer, which is good. However, the word count isn’t a good indication of effort. About 3000 words are brand new, but that doesn’t include the rewriting. The chapter is now 6500 words long. So maybe 4000-4500 words are new.

I’ve started the rewrite of chapter two. Like chapter one, it’s missing much of the emotional umph. It’s like I was afraid to get into the main character’s head, to really feel what she was feeling. The second chapter is slightly better than the first chapter emotionally, but plot wise, ugh. Stuff that should have happened in the first chapter, that I added, I found at the end of the second chapter. There has to be escalation and what’s there is wrong. I’m going to have to toss huge parts of the existing chapter, redraft.

I’m not sure why I keep running away from the emotional heart of my writing. I didn’t used to. I recognize it’s why “Paper Mage” is so successful. It’s why so many of the “Baker’s Dozen” stories are so good. I stopped running away.

This novel is worth saving. It’s worth diving into that emotional heart and wrenching it out, displaying it for the world to see. It isn’t the only thing that makes my writing powerful, but it’s a major part of it.

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