I’ve completed the hat trick — all three of my traditionally published novels are now available as ebooks.

We know Vikings reached North America. What if one Viking ship goes down along the coast, into the Gulf of Mexico, and lands on the Yucatan Peninsula? This novel is told following two story lines: the conflicts between the two groups of humans, and the conflicts between the two pantheons of gods, Norse and Mayan.

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I did a heavier edit on this novel compared to the other two. Part of that was because the files I had didn’t include the copy edits I’d received from the publisher. Part of it was because the language, in some parts, was just too clunky. I was using a lot of new language tools. I’ve used those tools for many years now, so am much better with them than I used to be.

The Caves of Buda was difficult for me to edit because that novel is so autobiographical. This one was even more difficult. I was very unhappy when I wrote this novel, much more unhappy than I realized at the time. After I finished this novel I wrote some short fiction, that when I look at now, I recognize I was literally screaming for help. This novel was the precursor to those. I wasn’t screaming but I was yelling pretty hard. I don’t know if that’s obvious to anyone else. I hope it isn’t. But I can see it.

So now I’m moving forward, with Clockwork Kingdom, a novel where I’m having fun and it’s obvious. Yes, I’m doing heavy edits on it, but I think I’m making it so much better as a result. I’m aware of my voice and I think I know enough to leave that alone while making much needed improvements.

I keep thinking about writing original fiction again. And I will, soon. I may take time this weekend to do a few pages, just to keep my hand in, just because.

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