Returning to the dark side. ..

One of my goals for the year is to read more fiction, as in, books. As well as short stories.

I read a lot. I read online. I have a huge RSS feed that I read every day. But that isn’t the same.

Last year for Christmas I bought myself a Kindle. And I liked it a lot at first. It made it easy to read and knit while I was in NOLA.

However, I just made arrangements to return my Kindle. I’ve gone back to reading books on paper.

One of the discoveries I’ve made is that I’m more likely to read if it’s on paper. I think that’s due to a number of reasons: I’m online all the time, and I want to interact with things that are not electronic. I found myself resenting having yet *another* device that I needed to charge. During my last 2 trips my Kindle has died on me at the most inconvenient time, which left me with nothing to read at the worst time.

This isn’t to say that I’m anti-ebooks or that I’ll never buy another one — that Kindle Fire looks awfully sweet. If my life changes (and it might) I may get one for traveling, again. I just need to figure out what’s right for me, what I’ll actually use.

Now, when my burgeoning publishing empire really takes off, I’ll probably buy a bunch of different ebook readers for testing of new material. Though my sales have been good for the month of January, I’m not anticipating doing that this year, but maybe next year, maybe the year after that.

In the meanwhile, I’m thoroughly enjoying, “Embassyville” by China Mieville.

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