Lies, damn lies, and statistics

This is a very preliminary report about my epub sales for last year.

I won’t have final numbers for Smashwords for 2011 for 6 months — so July.
I won’t have final numbers for Amazon until at least January 15th (I think, though it may be 2-6 months as well for some of the foreign sales.)

So the most important number — that grand total at the bottom.


I am aware that this isn’t an earth-shattering number. It certainly isn’t Jon Konrath numbers ($100,000 in the last three weeks).


This is three months of primarily short fiction sales. I’d always heard that novels sell better, and that’s certainly reflected in my sales.

Speaking of which — here are my sales to date:

And again, those important numbers: 44 short stories, 2 “long” stories (anthologies, etc.), 21 novels, 67 total sales.

The reason why I consider the novel numbers better, though they’re smaller, is because I only had 1 novel available in November, 2 novels available in December.

Again these aren’t crazy, time-to-retire numbers.


One other thing — marketing. Ya’ll have seen me tweeting about how I have all this stuff for sale, right? Or badgering people on Facebook? Or making endless posts? (Okay, the Baker’s Dozen challenge I was making a post a week.) You haven’t? That’s because I haven’t. Most of these sales are the result of 0 marketing. Just writing the next piece.

Speaking of which — web hits.

Normally my web site generates very, very little traffic. Maybe 5 hits per day. (I should probably keep track of my LJ stats as well — maybe this year.)

Days when I posted free fiction, and days when I announced the novels available as ebooks, those spiked to about 50 hits per day. I assume that at least a dozen of the Kindle sales came from those posts or my links — I can tell because I’m an Amazon associate, and if someone buys via one of those links I get an additional kickback.

What does all this mean? For me, I need to keep writing, keep posting, and not be impatient. Because honestly, this is an AMAZING start as far as I’m concerned. It’s small, but it’s just a start. First three months of a 10 year plan.

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