I looked at my word count for the year recently and it blew me away.

–Walking Gods: 13,000
–Baker’s Dozen: 84,000

Which means I wrote 97,000 words from July to December. Most of those words happened in the last 13 weeks of the year. If I include what I did at the start of the year, my word count is more like 120,000 words. Which, uhm, wow.

A lot of “life” happened this year. I made a lot of changes and did many, many. I didn’t actually post any writing goals for 2011, though I think in the back of my head my goal was to write 3 novels. That didn’t happen, but I had a very successful writing year.

For 2012, my goals are kind of a combination of writing and publishing.

–Finish the minor rewrites of Clockwork Kingdom, find an editor to go through it, and self-pub
–Redraft most of Zydeco Queen
–Finish Siren’s Call
–Write a new novel
–Write some short fiction

The other novels will eventually be self-pubbed, but I don’t know if that will happen this year or next year. I find letting a novel sit for a good long while gives me such a better perspective on it. So I may redraft Zydeco Queen and sit on it for 6 months, have first readers and an editor go through it and by that time it may be next year before I self-pub. But I intend to self-pub everything for a while, at this point. I am having far too much fun to try to work with New York. I may go back, I may not.

I hope that ya’ll are having a wonderful New Year’s eve, and have the best of everything in the new year.