Special Snowflake

The reasons why I missed my weekly deadline and didn’t publish a story last week are numerous. I will be posting a new story before the end of tonight.

The main reason I didn’t meet the deadline is because I didn’t figure out that I was never going to finish the story I was writing until Sunday, yes, yesterday. I wrote a new story yesterday, and in some ways I did make the deadline, because I finished handwriting and had actually started typing it yesterday. But I didn’t finish typing it, and I didn’t publish it.

I kept thinking I could make the story work. I’d rewritten the start of it 3 times. Saturday, though, I didn’t write a word. Generally, that’s a clear clue that the story is wrong. It just happened really late in my schedule. (I was also traveling last week for the day job.)

As for the special snowflake status, I’ve come to accept that for now, my process means I write everything out by hand and then type it up. I was trying to write last week’s story straight to computer.

What I’ve discovered is that while I can do it, sometimes, I just don’t like it. Maybe when I’ve retired and am writing full time I can get into writing fiction directly on the computer. For now, I’m not going to mess with what works for me. (Again, FOR ME. YMMV.)

I timed myself yesterday, working on a story I was really inspired to write, that I was enjoying the hell out of. I can crank out 1000 words in 40 minutes if I’m really inspired. Then I take a break because my hand hurts. But I think that’s about as good as it’s going to get — 1000 in 50 minutes (counting the break.)

Now — back to the writing! I’ve typed up 3000 words, have about 1500 left, then editing and copy editing and making a cover, then formatting and publishing.

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