Happy Thanksgiving, for those who celebrate. I hope your day was as wonderful as mine, full of good food and friends.

The only drawback to yesterday was my fall: when coming back from the car (after dropping off more food to be carried with me) I twisted my left ankle. I spent much of yesterday seated, foot raised, icing the thing.

Today my ankle is better, but it still isn’t healed. It’s sunny outside, and I’d love to work a little in the backyard. However, given the way my ankle burns after standing on it for a while, I think that would be foolish.

I’ve finished the story for the week – just have to read it out loud, then format and publish it. There are other publishing things that I’d like to do as well. So I’m going to sit and keep my foot elevated and ice it now and again and just relax for the day. Hope that your day will be as stress-free as mine.

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