Scheduling Redux

I didn’t get well according to plan. Or at least, not well enough to be able to write. Not until today, Saturday. The good news is that I’m 3000 words or so into the story, 2000 of that written today. I’ll finish the story today — it’s going to only be 4000 words or so. I won’t post until tomorrow. I might start writing the next story tomorrow — It’s going to depend on how the rest of my day goes on Sunday.

I can’t express the amount of disappointment I’ve felt for not being able to write. I’ve tried. I just didn’t have the brain for it. I pushed and worried and finally found the words. This hasn’t been easy. The next two weeks are going to be similar, I’m afraid. But I’ll make it through.

I want to post sometime about the changes I’ve gone through the last month or so. I feel as though I’ve had a concrete shift in attitude about my writing. This is a good thing.

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