Yeah, I know. A bit late. But hey, I finished! I figure that counts for something.

Hunting Ghosts In The Machine

Overcrowding, pollution and acid rain have reduced humanity’s livable areas. For most, space is achieved through virtual reality. Only a few see behind the mask. They’re the collectors, who hunt the ghosts in the machine. But who watches the watchers?

I actually wrote about 500 words or so on this story a long, long time ago. I always liked the idea, but it wasn’t really a story, no real plot. I decided to revive it this week, threw away everything but the main character and the world, and came up with something new.

I wrote the entire story on Saturday. It isn’t my best piece. But I think it still has merit.

For the next week the story is available for free here on my web site. After that it will be available for $.99 via the usual suspects: Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to start the next story tomorrow or not. I hope so. I hope to avoid the same situation this week. It will be difficult, as I’m in SF for the day job. I’ll still make a run at it, though.

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