Finished edits and copy edits on the eighth story today. It’s a much lighter piece, called, “Were-Teen.”

Patrice is happy, successful, and cursed. Every month during the full moon she reverts to her awkward teen-aged self, complete with braces and acne. This year, it’s Patrice’s 25 year high school reunion. She finally has a chance to confront the witch who cursed her, and maybe get the spell reversed.

Of course, she also has to find the prefect dress. . .

This story will be available for free, here on my web site, for one week. When I post the next story I’ll pull this one down. Of course, it’ll be available through the usual suspects, Amazon, B&N, Smashwords.

I’ve already got some ideas for next week’s story. Just five more to go. And while I’ve enjoyed this challenge, I’m just about ready to get back to the novels. Not quite yet, though. I have more playing and exploring to do first.

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