Free fiction Friday! The Secrets of 9s

I finished the ninth story early this week. This was a story that just pulled me in, demanding that I write it. I really, really like this story. It’s a bit experimental for me, very different than my usual stuff.

The Secrets of 9s: A tale of anarchy broken into nine bits

One of the secrets of 9s: they always return. They may come disguised in the coyness of eights, with the rigid line of the one hidden at their back. Or maybe you mistake them for fours marching across burnt fields, not seeing their friends, the fat fives, until it’s much too late. Other secrets are that 9s are anarchists, hyper-local, and stand alone at the end. Come learn about the 9s and their more militant anarchists.

This story has mature themes, bodily fluids, and a high body count. Reader discretion advised.

I went to college in London during the 80s, when the IRA were planting bombs. I had many close calls, like the time they blew up a store front on High Street just after a concert at the Prince Albert Hall had let out, when the street was full of people. I was two blocks away. If I hadn’t stopped to go the bathroom, it might have been me cut to shreds by the flying glass.

This story has a lot of bombs and anarchists, and some Britishism as well. They fit the story that I told.

This story is available for free, here on my web page, for a week. When I post the next story I’ll pull this one down.


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