Fires and such

I continue to be obsessed by this story. There have been a few other stories in this challenge like this. The Hell stories both grabbed me and said, “WRITE ME.” Gabriella, the character from “True Vision” was very compelling, though the story itself wasn’t as grabby. I’ve enjoyed writing the other stories, quite often I fell into the “flow” where the words just came. I think some of them are quite good.

But this one is different. I don’t mean quality — it just feels different to write. It’s not my usual style and it’s not my usual voice. It also has deep echos within me.

I went to college in London during the 80s, when the IRA was planting bombs. I had many close calls, like the time they blew up a store front on High Street just after a concert at the Prince Albert Hall had let out, when the street was full of people. I was two blocks away. If I hadn’t stopped to go the bathroom, it might have been me cut to shreds by the flying glass.

This story has a lot of bombs and anarchists. It also has some Britishism as well. I may take them out on the final edit if they strike my American ear wrong. But I may leave them in as well — they seem to fit the story as it’s being written.

If the story really only is 9 parts, I’ve written 7 of them. I don’t know what the next bits are. I don’t worry about it blossoming, though, either tonight or tomorrow morning. The mana is flowing, and it’s all so good.

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