I really wanted to write two stories this week. And I still may. I fell far behind today though, and it had nothing to do with the story.

While I try to be the world’s toughest boss, the one time I don’t have to write is when I have a migraine. Which I got this afternoon, big time. I took my meds, took a long break, and eventually, drank some tea with caffeine in it. I’ve been able to pull out a few hundred words, no where near the 3-4000 I needed to write today.

While I’ll probably feel better in the morning, I also have other obligations that take precedence over writing. Shocking, I know, but sometimes RL interferes. So maybe only one story this week.

This was supposed to be an easier story. I had started this story while I was down in New Orleans. It’s set in the same world as one of the novels I set there (“Zydeco Queen and the Creole Fairy Courts.”) I had about 4000 words written on it. I was able to salvage the first 2000 or so, with some edits, tossing out one scene, replacing it with another. The next 2000 words are all new. I’m afraid this story is going to be longer than I originally anticipated — I have at least another 4 scenes to write, each of which could easily be 1000 words or more. The only thing that might save me is that I’m writing this directly to the computer, no long-hand. So if I finish it on Wednesday, it’s all typed up already.

The other story will hopefully also be an easier story — it’s set in the same world as the first story I did for this challenge, with the same main character, Andy the ghost, who’s also a PI.

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