Another night in Budapest, another day in Paris

I started the next story. Only got about 1500 words done on it. I’m somewhat disappointed with myself for not getting more done. It’s the weekend, I have the time, I should be writing a lot. On the other hand, it was difficult to start tonight. I even told myself I didn’t have to write tonight if I really needed the time off. Surprisingly enough, I found I did want to write, I just needed a touch more time to myself before I could start.

I like this next story, I *love* the character. I’m still trying to figure out where it’s going. I need to spend a bit more time with the beautiful Gabriella though. I don’t have a title yet, either. Soon, I’m sure. As soon as Gabriella reveals more of herself.

I am still working on my life/writing balance. It’s part of the new normal I’m determining. I am taking “me” time, but I can’t continue to feel guilty about it, as if it’s taking away time from the writing. It isn’t — I need that “me” time, it enhances the writing. Makes the writing possible. Just need to get my head straight. And to balance better, between my relaxing time and my writing time.

But now, it’s bed time!

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