Ah, the unsexy part of writing. When you have to become the world’s strictest boss with yourself, while at the same time judging if your physical pains will affect your writing too much.

Those of you who never get sick or suffer can just stop reading now. I’m talking to the rest of us.

Last night, I had a migraine. Today I have cramps and am kind of fuzzy. It happens, once a month or so at this point. (Yes, woman issues.) This is one of the reasons why I can never do daily challenges: I don’t get sick as often as I used to, but still often enough. I’m not a delicate flower, however, my system is more vulnerable. Other people can eat a dinner at a restaurant and be just fine, me, I’ll eat the exact same thing and then spend the next 24 hours not able to keep anything in or down.

Today wasn’t that bad, but it was bad enough. I took tylenol, but that only took the edge off. When the pain’s enough that it’s distracting me, it’s hard to write.

And again, that question of, should I be writing at all? I’ve learned that there are times when I just have to walk away. Even if I manage to get words on a page they won’t be any good and I’ll have to throw them all away, start from scratch.

So tonight I only managed to type up the first 2500 words of my story. I’d planned on the first 4000 words. I’m behind schedule. I may miss my first week’s goal, in part, though, because the story is so damn long. And I need to take the time to get it right, this is a good story and worth it.

Tomorrow I should be better, I’m generally only down for 24 hours or so. But it’s something I also plan on in any schedule: sick time. I hate that I have to do it, but it’s better to plan on it and have extra time, than to not plan on it and fall behind.

Stuff happens. Roll with it. That’s my deep thoughts for tonight.

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