The bad news is that I’m only at around 5500 words typed for the story. The good news is that the story isn’t much longer, only maybe another 1500 words before I’m finished. I’m still going to try to get it up for Friday, but it might be Saturday, and that’s okay.

I’m already starting to dig into the recesses of my head for the next story. Hopefully something not quite so long. I’d like to churn out a couple of shorter pieces next week. But, the muse brings me what she pleases. I’m just happy to follow her lead.

I’ll do a grand post sometime in the next week with links to all the short stories I’ve published. It’s taken me some time to get them up everywhere. But that’s honestly okay as well. Books don’t spoil.

Once all the short stories are up, I’ll start putting my back list novels up. All the rights have reverted to me, may as well. There will be a bunch of new readers with the new ereaders and so possibly, my timing is right, for once.

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