Let’s sum up

–I went ahead and bought a Kindle for myself for my Christmas present. After 3+ days of reading on my phone every spare minute I’m suffering from some pretty bad eye strain.

–The day job continues to be a complicated distraction.

–I haven’t been writing. (See day job, above.)

–I only got 4 hours of sleep last night. (See day job, above.)

–It’s been cold here. 40s and 50s. The problem is that my place is 120 years old and has no insulation. I have the heat turned up to 72 and can’t raise the temperature in my bedroom above 66. Ran the space heater for a day to try to get it warmer. It will start to get warmer outside by the end of the week but right now it’s chilly.

–I have a kitchen sink. And have been cooking. Made spaghetti this weekend. Lovely.

–I keep vacillating. I need more of a schedule to get things done. (Things that include eating lunch, sleeping, hell even reading my email — am at 60+ unread and growing.) However, I always swing too far to the orderly side. I keep hoping to find that balance. Hasn’t happened yet.

–There might be more but I think I’m going to vegge out and not worry about it.

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