Keeping that Beat

I’ve been having problems for the last two days, meeting my word count goals. I don’t write to discover plot, I know what’s going on, basically, in terms of the story. I write to discover the emotional journey. And I kept trying to work on a scene when I didn’t know where that emotional journey went, or what I wanted to say about it.

I’m currently in the middle of chapter 6. I finally figured out that I’d “lost” that emotional plot line back in chapter 4. So I’ve spent a lot of time tonight retro-fitting, as it were. This wasn’t so much a rewrite as a “make it not broke” thing. Plus, I’ve come to realize I need another scene in chapter 3, and I’ve made more notes about what that needs to look like, as well as where it needs to occur.

I’m still far behind in my word count. But at least I made real progress tonight, and the story feels “healed” in my head. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to catch up.

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