Big Sky

I’ve been driving for the last two days. Three more days to go. At least. Possibly more.

Kiera is doing better tonight.

The trip from Seattle to Lincoln City, about 6 hours of driving, Kiera did just fine. She hung out with me, sitting in the sunshine, looking out the window.

Yesterday, Kiera did mostly fine. She really was freaked at the hotel, though, hiding for a lot of the night, and when she wasn’t hiding, laying right next to me the rest of the time.

Today, Kiera didn’t do as well. She grew frantic a couple of times, pawing at her carrier. I put her on my lap and pet her for a long time, and she grew calm again, good for another hour or so of driving.

Tonight, she’s doing really well in the hotel room. She used her litter box, ate, and even played a little. We’ll see how she does tomorrow.

And now — pictures!

Idaho Idaho
Welcome to Idaho! Snake River, if I recall correctly.
Whole lotta nothin' Idaho style Whole lotta nothin’ Idaho style
One of the things that I love about this part of the country is the BIG sky. Just goes on forever, from horizon to horizon.
Border Idaho and Utah Border Idaho and Utah
That long cloud fascinated me — ominous and sleek, unlike it’s puffy or wispy cousins.
Moody Utah mountains Moody Utah mountains
Utah was snowy — two different snow storms around the mountains. But pretty.
Snowy Wyoming Snowy Wyoming
While there was some snow in Utah, it stuck more to the ground in Wyoming.
Whole lotta nothin' Wyoming style Whole lotta nothin’ Wyoming style
Again, that amazing sky that just goes on forever. I didn’t take pictures of the green rocks. Utah’s red. Wyoming’s green.
Sunset Wyoming style Sunset Wyoming style
Sunset from my rearview mirror, while driving in Wyoming. Pretty colors in front of me, but no good shots of those.

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  1. ugh, SO PRETTY. it makes me want to get in the car and just drive and drive and drive.

    will you be on the road around 9 am arizona time tomorrow? i could call! if you have reception out wherever you’ll be. 🙂

    jan 2012 is my goal, btw. don’t know how yet, but there it is. i can’t breathe here anymore.

    • I don’t know, but I suspect not. I’m visiting a friend tomorrow morning in Laramie — 100 miles away. If I leave on time (at 8) I’ll be there 9:30ish, then talking with her at 10 (which would be 9 your time. . .)

      I saw the 2012 as your goal. Yay! We can talk more about the job thing later — I have ideas but no brain right now.

      ::massive hugs::

      • i’m glad someone has ideas. right now i’m overwhelmed at the enormity of all this.

        i’m glad keira seems to be doing better. i hope tomorrow is even better!

  2. I’m glad you are both doing well!

    My 16 year old keeps getting lost under the bed and then yowls her head off.

    – Sandra

    • Hi Sandra!

      I started a short story today while I was in the car — wrote the first paragraph tonight — too tired to do much else. But I know what I want to say and where it’s going. I realized that I first got in touch with that *voice* I have writing about Wyoming. And I have more to say.

      I had such a good time at the class and loved meeting everyone. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s stuff over the coming years. I think it was invaluable for me — a turning point, at the start of an adventure full of insights and more turning points. (^_^)


  3. We should have gone that way. Much, much, much prettier than the route we took to the NW. That’s some big sky, there!

    Sorry Kiera is stressed, but she seems to have faith in you, so that’s good!

  4. Oh dear, driving with kitties…. When I moved from upstate NY to Houston TX, I planned to take 3 days. Driving with 2 kitties was so stressful that I did it in 2 days instead. And don’t talk to me about hurricane evacuations…..

    But I would still take that 2 days of driving as opposed to the the flight from TX to NY that I recently took unnamed Girl Stray Kitty on recently. Yikes! Very dirty looks from fellow passengers due to kitty who cried all the way in spite of sedation. I thought that flight would never be over!

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