The last light always whispers my name

Had a marvelous weekend with out of town friends. Didn’t write much (at all) but that’s okay. Will hit it hard every day after this.

Still haven’t rented my place out yet. *sigh* Am concerned about it. If it happens, it happens. I only need one person. But I really kind of would like to be contacted by that one person.

I haven’t found a place down in New Orleans either. That’s okay, I’ll find something. I hope.

The day job currently has the ability to make me crazy if I let it. I’m trying to process my own shit, deal with things rationally, as well as plan enough, so I don’t let it.

I’ve put myself into the pressure cooker again, between the novel rewrites and the moving, etc. No one’s fault but my own. That’s why it’s okay for me to take the weekend off, as well as other time now and again.

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