I was incredibly stupid last month. I changed one of my supplements (my 5-HTP.) As a result, writing became very difficult. Finally figured it out and changed back last Saturday. By Tuesday I was able to write again. Thursday fell into it easily, as well as today. It’s lovely, that joy, that deep novel place. I’ve done more in these three days than the previous two weeks. I’m angry with myself for having messed myself up so much. Fortunately, this novel doesn’t need that much work to make it not broke. I still find the sentence level needs more polishing than previous novels. However, I’m still confident that I’ll be finished by the 15th, and able to start rewriting the next novel.

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  1. yay! happy re-writes! i’m glad you got that worked out. sorry that the suppliment screwed things up, though.

    • Happy rewrites indeed! I wrote 4-5 hours yesterday. Mostly effortless. Will do the same today and Monday. Just — wish I would have figured this out sooner, or not done it in the first place, you know? Hope things are going well with you!

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