Because there haven’t been enough updates about the fabulous princess, and I know some of you are just here for the kitty, right?

My only excuse is that it’s been a long time since I’ve owned a cat who was just mine and I really didn’t realize just how unhappy she was, or I would have made changes a long time ago.

I always thought Kiera was a princess when it came to her litter box. Mostly she used it, but sometimes she didn’t. Then she started using it less. It became — messy. It was as if she was having bladder control issues. I’d watch her and she seemed to start peeing without realizing it.

Took her to the vet. No infections — just dehydrated. Told me the problems were psychological.

*sigh* Never wanted to be able to talk with my cat so much in my life.

I moved her litter box out of the bathroom and into another room. Made some other adjustments as well, such as praising her every time she used it, feeding her random treats sometimes after she used it, etc.

All the litter box issues stopped. It’s been 6+ weeks and we haven’t had a single incident.

I can tell she’s happier. She kneads the bed a lot less again. I know that might not be a universal sign of distress, but I think it was for her. She was just trying to make herself feel better.

I changed her diet to an all-wet, grain-free diet. It’s made a tremendous difference in her coat as well as her energy levels. Never going back, even if it is expensive.

This means that we play a lot more now. This is not necessarily a bad thing, even if I’m working hard. Because if I can’t take some time to play with my kitty, then something’s wrong with my life.

So now — the obligatory pictures:

Wise cat Wise cat
Looking to dispense wisdom from on high.
Princess Princess
The princess surveying her kingdom.

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  1. I’m glad you were able to find adaptions to make Kiera happier. V. took our cats to the vet last month for the first time since he moved here. She recommended glucosamine for Reina, the dowager queen. It has really made a difference. Reina used to get up and wince when she jumped down from the couch. She also limped quite a bit. Now she moves much more freely. She is still a 22 year old cat, but not as querulous as she had been. We are still working out what food suits her. Flaked fish seems to be her favorite. At this point I am happy to feed her the expensive canned stuff if she will just eat it and keep it down. We have a lot of kitty messes to clean up behind the couch.

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