Moving ahead

Though I had a lot to write this weekend, it felt really good. I ended up doing more than I’d planned, and it just flowed again. I’m very please. But now I really need to do more plotting. Stupid messy center of the book.

Here’s the official word count:

29,913 / 60,000

The word count back up higher again because chapter 7 turned out to be a longer chapter, balancing things out again.

This week I have to finish chapter 7, as well as write chapter 8 & 9. I know things that need to happen but I just don’t know how yet. *sigh*

In other news, I continue to be a little crazy. But ya’ll already knew that, right? Lately, I haven’t been getting my exercise in — sure, I’ve been sick and injured, etc. But still, I should be doing more. So I signed up for a boot camp type thing that meets at Volunteer Park, Monday through Thursday, early in the morning, for the next four weeks. This means I’ve given up my morning writing time. As there have been very few mornings when I’ve actually written, at least during the week, I don’t think this is going to leave me at a great disadvantage. I really will have to write every night, though, so I don’t always end up cramming in thousands of words on the weekends.

Part of why I’m doing this is for the Clarion West Write a Thon. If ya’ll want to sponsor me, please do so here:

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