On the way to Jaycon. Had to be in the Seattle office for the day job yesterday, then went out to dinner then the Clarion West party. Only managed 1000 words, but I’m okay with that. Wrote another 800 it so this AM. Will write more tonight. This morning I wrote the scene I wanted to write, not the scene I’d planned on writing. Made me very happy. Planting the seeds for the moral peril later in the book. Love torturing characters. Allows me to be nicer to everyone else.

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    • Thanks! It was a good time. And thanks again for the lovely dinner, etc. on Friday night!

      • My pleasure as well!

        When the Clarion party is in Ballard, we can do it again. In *MY* hood this time. ;>

  1. tell jay happy birthday for me. 😉 and have a good time!

    oh… and yay for torturing characters! um… er… maybe i shouldn’t be so enthusiastic about torture. ahem.

    • Jaycon was fun.

      Seriously — I’m not joking when I think sometimes that by torturing characters I’m able to be nicer to everyone else.

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