Sleep rules. . .

Which is why I haven’t been writing in the mornings. Monday I turned off my alarm when it went off at 7 AM, then rolled back over. I figured I’d wake up 20 minutes later. Nope. 2+ hours later before I opened my eyes again.

This morning a similar thing happened. I assume if I can’t wake up at my regular time, I need the extra sleep. So I’m a little behind this week in terms of where I wanted to be (finished with chapter three.) However, if I look at the straight numbers, I’m right on schedule:

12,956 / 60,000

Almost 13,000 words, which if I’d only done 10,000 last week, would mean 3000 this week, about 1500 a day, which is, as I said, exactly on schedule. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. I know what the scene is and what happens in it. I need to get further behind the POV’s character’s eyes, though. I’m not quite sure what she’s feeling at the start of the scene. . .I need to figure it out before I start writing so I don’t have to make more than one run at the scene.

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