Despite my exhaustion yesterday I still wrote a little, as well as this morning. Tonight I typed everything in, finishing chapter 1. I should be writing more tonight, writing the next 1000 words, starting chapter 2. However, I’m so tired I’ve lost my enthusiasm and excitement. I’m taking that as a sign not to push tonight, to relax, recover, and write tomorrow. I’m flying back, and I always end up writing a lot, either in the airport or on the airplane.

I was aiming for 4000 words for chapter 1 — ended up about 4500.

4533 / 60000

My goal for the week is still 10,000. Only about 6000 left, another chapter and a half. I think I’ll make it, even if I’m still tired.

This Saturday is the Carl Brandon celebration of Octavia Butler’s induction into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. It’s at the Lake Union Courtyard Marriott. Please join us at 8 PM.

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