More than that

I woke up around 6 — kitty wanted attention. Didn’t actually get up until 7, though. Wrote about 5 pages (handwritten) this morning, and another 7 pages tonight, so about 2000 words, probably, when I type it up. Hopefully I’ll be able to get up early tomorrow and type it up so I can write more of the story tomorrow.

I love this story. I love this novel. I love the digging in I’ve been doing on the characters. And the setting. And the problems. It’s just — awwww. So gratifying and satisfying.

I was thinking about this today. Though I have a lot of words to write over the next six five weeks, sitting down to write them isn’t necessarily about discipline. I can get up early, and write late into the night, because I love what I’m doing. There isn’t anything else I would rather do in the whole entire world. That why I can do this even when I don’t feel 100%.

I hope that you’re doing what you love.

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