I did something to my shoulder. Ended up with muscle spasms, radiating out from there, down my left arm. Was pretty useless for a couple of days, couldn’t use that hand. I’m currently taking steroids and muscle relaxants. I’ve continued to work on the novel, either doing one-handed typing or gritting my teeth through the pain and doing two. Stubborn? Stupid? A little of both?

One of the interesting things I’ve noticed — I can still read chapters out loud. Even with the meds making me less clear I still hear when a word is jarring or out of place, when imagery doesn’t work, when a phrase, sentence, or even paragraph is awkward and wrong. I’m lucky that these chapters are pretty clean. The reason? There are several sections that I’ve already rewritten, some more than once.

What I’m struggling with is coming up with the fix. I know what’s wrong, it’s obvious. Fixing it is really hard. I’ll know I need to replace a word, but the right word won’t pop out at me. I end up trying half a dozen until I get it. Normally, while I’m reading out loud I write down the fix while I’m reading. Now, I’m just circling the bad parts and figuring out the fix when I’m incorporating my changes. I will have to go through these chapters again later, just to make sure I’m not introducing more errors than I’m fixing.

This isn’t meant as a whining post — rather a “I’m going to finish this novel, be damned” post. As well as a “Here’s to everyone pushing through and writing regardless” post.


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  1. Go you for the stubborn, commendable plugging onward through the pain … although I was hoping for a “I’m all better” post.


    • Saw Wimsey tonight. First thing she asked about was whether I’d hurt a rib. Turns out that was the starting event. So I am better, and will be much better tomorrow I think.

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