Your morning’s moment of “Duh!”

I’m a busy person. To some, that’s an understatement. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to fall into a writing habit that really works for me, but it has.

The point is to write, or rewrite, or work on writing, every day.

The point is not to write every morning at 7 AM, or every night at 10 PM, or three days a week plus weekends, etc. The point is to write. Period.

Which means finding 30 minutes Tuesday after work and before I go out for the evening to write. Which means getting up early this morning (and the next few Fridays) so I can write because after work I’m going to a sock knitting class and I won’t have time to write in the evenings.

The rest of my life is busy. No, really, it is. The writing is the most important thing. That doesn’t mean it has a set scheduled time, and everything else is scheduled around it. (Believe me, I did that for a long while and though I could make it work, eventually, it killed me.) It means spending time every day figuring out when that writing time will happen, then making it happen.

YMMV, usual warnings about how your process will only work for you, etc. I’m just glad that I have a process that is really, really working for me.

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  1. i’m very glad you found something that works for you. for me, what works changes with the project, but then i often feel like a padwan learner instead of jedi level 2. 😉

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