Trust your process

Yesterday night I took a necessary sidetrack. I came to one of the places that was missing a scene. I couldn’t really continue with the character arc edit until I’d finished adding that scene. I knew it was important. But I didn’t know why.

I approached it all wrong, of course. I knew what had to happen from a plot POV. I couldn’t figure out why I needed the scene though. What was the real reason for it?

Of course, when I wrote the last line of it I knew exactly why I needed that scene, how it fit into the overall character arc of two of the characters. It was so beautiful — a throw away, whimsical idea I’d had in the first novel rounded out so satisfyingly in the third novel. And it made perfect sense.

I have to remember that I write to discover character arc. And I can’t plan that out — I need to write it out.

Trust your process. When you can.

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