I took some time this evening, while shopping, making dinner, deciding what I was going to work on first. There are so many edits that I need to do.

It came down to a choice between these two:

–Doing the “make it not broke” pass on the third novel. Which is mainly writing the missing scenes.
–Doing the character edit for Derik.

I chose the character edit for a couple of reasons: as soon as I hit his emotional character resolution, I started taking notes for how to push his arc. While it wouldn’t be the easiest edit, it will be a good exploratory pass through the first and second novels. Plus, I think it would be good to let the third novel rest for a while.

I was surprised when I’d started–I’d already done some of this work in the first chapter. Not all of it, I added more. But I feel really good about the work I’ve started.

That first chapter is *good*. It just is. And it’s tight. I know where I lose the plot later. I’ll fix those, though. I’m feeling better about these novels again.

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  1. How do you tell that there are scenes missing? Is it a case of something coming to mind that you want to add, or is it more of a “ack! the reader needs to know x, so I must insert y!” sort of thing?

    • Some of both. Some of the scenes came about as things I wanted to add (like one character visiting the graveyard of his wife and son.) Others are things that I realize that I need to add (part of the make it not broke draft.) I’d say it’s a 1:3 ratio, of things I want vs. things I need.

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