Next goal

I finished typing up the first draft of the third novel. Here’s the final, first draft, word count:

–Harp of Stars is about 102,000

–Harp of Light is about 90,000

–Harp of Fire is currently 92,275 words

I generally write short, second draft is generally 10-15% longer. So I do think the last one will end up being around 100,000 words. I will also look at the second one again, and see if I can increase it again.

Tomorrow I’m going to start planning the rewrite. I plan on getting heavily caffeinated and just brainstorming ideas and processes.

I have some thoughts about my writing process to date. I haven’t missed a day writing since December 24th. It only took me 2 weeks to type up 25,000 words. I’m focused in a way I haven’t been for a long, long time.

A huge part of this is that I’ve recaptured mornings as my writing time. I haven’t really been able to write in the mornings since 2005, at least. Possibly 2004. I wrote every day I was in San Francisco for the day job. I got up every morning and wrote. It makes my life so much better to be able to write in the mornings.

Now–I just need to get back on top of all the other parts of my life that I’ve let go in the past couple of weeks. Like eating more healthy, as well as retraining myself to sleep.

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    • True — but the “no sleep” stuff also gets in the way. It’s bad when I’m too tired to focus, but still can’t sleep when I go to bed. As I said, I need to retrain myself to sleep. I seem to forget how every once in a while. (This is what the bio-feedback machine is for. I resent having to use it, but it’s the most effective sleep aid I’ve ever experienced.)

      • My apologies — I didn’t realize you were talking about a problem. Yeah, I’ve been too tired to sleep, it’s unpleasant.

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